Handy Hints for Camping Outdoors

Sleeping Bag Hint

A handy hint for making the most of your sleeping bag no matter what quality it is, is to get a bed sheet made into a sleeve or insert. It will act as a liner to fit snugly inside the bag and will make it easy to clean when you return home from your adventure. Simply pop it into the washing machine and its all ready it for the next trip. Another plus if you are like me and sometimes it may get too hot. All you do is open your sleeping bag to let out the heat a bit and you will still feel comfortable inside the sheet. A more warmer version would involve the sheet being made from a warmer type of material like flannelette for those cold encounters.

Survival Hint

If you ever find yourself sleeping overnight without a tent or a sleeping bag, a clever idea is to collect the ashes and coals from your fire, build a shallow trench, pour the coals along this trench evenly and back fill the soil evenly and carefully to make a warm soil bed. Its not the same as your bed at home but could make the most of an uncomfortable circumstance.

Healthy Water

After dinner when you are all sitting around the campfire at the end of the day, boil some water for the next day if you are unsure of the quality of the water you will drink. Boil as much as you think you may need to kill any germs or bacteria that may be in the water and let it cool overnight. The next day you will have enough safe drinking water and won’t need to worry about a stomach ache to put a damper on your camping adventure.

Cooler Trick

Load the cooler with bottles of frozen water that you bring from home. This way we have good quality water on hand to help keep the contents of the cooler nice and cool. Obviously this is only good for a few days but it does come in handy. You can also freeze food in food containers that are ready to eat when thawed such as fruit salad.

Insulated Hot Water Containers

Before filling those insulated containers for your hot coffee/tea/soup; pre-fill with hot water to warm the inside of the container. This will keep the contents warmer longer.